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Monday, October 18, 2004

George Lucas...

We didn't have class today. Like I mentioned in my early entries, we have to focus on our ten minute film, go through pre-production, production...and post.

I just wrote the first draft of my 8 week screenplay, it ended up being about 6 pages dialogue.

Anyways, I watched alot of documentaries that evolved around George Lucas. I didn't know this man was the shit. I watched an hour documentary on the THX-1138 DVD. Very aspiring, if your a up and coming filmmaker like myself, do yourself a favor and watch it.

Also watch the documentaries on the Star Wars DVDs. Everyone around George thought he was being fuckin ridiculous while making Star Wars, they didn't see the vision that he obviously saw...they just saw plastic toy spaceships and a harry animal with a british accent. The documentary is about 2hr 30min, and is great. I had no clue Lucas had such an effect on so many film directors today (I thought it was just fanboys), like Peter Jackson, James Cameron...Ridley Scott etc etc. Good stuff. I got more respect for the man then I have ever had before.


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