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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Week 2

DAY 8 September 29th

We had a producing class which was bullshit. It was from 10-1, our Producing teacher sucks, honestly. Matter of fact he didn't teach us producing at all, he went over all the shit we learned in our Cinematography class and Directing class, very boring. The students all agreed and we put together a petition. We then had the head of staff talk to the students, and a few days later he was fired...ouch. It may sound mean, but we're all paying a shitload of money to go to the school, we don't need teachers that can't teach so they bullshit they're way through by teaching us what we already learned. 2-5 we had our director teacher, he gave us some fundamentals on directing continuity, aka cutting various shots together, the 180 rule...over the shoulder - eye lining etc. 5-9 we had editing class, which just made our skills better at Final Cut Pro HD.

DAY 9 September 30th.

We went on the set of Spartacus, The Scorpion King and Princess Diaries 2. We met up with the actors and got to experience more with camera work, continuity and directing actors. That was all day, 9-6.

Day 10 October 1st.

9-12. Today was more of a watch the shit we shot, while we chill back and the teacher tells us what we could of done better, and what we did totally wrong. We screened the stuff we filmed on the universal sets last week. 1-4, we did the same thing, but we screened the stuff we shot over the last weekend.


Sat-Sun. All 3 of my crew members (including myself) all had to direct a film for continuity, atleast with 3 cuts or more. Everything went fine, we all decided on a horror angle, so it was fun.


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