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Thursday, October 07, 2004


Day 12.

Class actually started at about 2pm today. The teachers wanted us to have class at pitch black night time so we can practice lighting for outside. So from 2-5 we had our producing class, which is awesome. The students got together and had our last Producer teacher fired, for giving us more information on lighting and editing...and nothing to do with Producing. From 6-10 we had a lighting class for lighting outside, which can be a pain in the ass...or extremely easy, ahh...

Day 13

10-1. Writing class. I can't remember exactly what we learned (few days ago), but it had something to do with keeping a solid pace on your screenplay, and always have conflicting events. 2-5 was a directing class, we just looked at what we went over last Thursday at the Spartacus set and talked about what were doing this weekend, which is a music video and montages.

Day 14

Biggest day of my life. I'll get this out the way first; we shot on a western backlot (back to the future III). Okay, I was the director...yada yada, I filmed a chase scene. Good stuff. Now heres the real meat, they blocked off another shoot that was going on. They had signs and shit detouring people if they got to far off the limits. Me being so fucking ambitious (and stupid...maybe?). Well, when the lunch truck came, I "accidently" forgot to unload my film from my camera on time, so everyone had to leave for the lunch truck and I had to stay and get my film in can. I watched as everyone left and was out of sight. I took a stupid orange cone and put it to the side and walked straight off the lot for a good 10 minutes...eventually I was on another set, which didn't look familiar. I walked a little bit more and saw a sign for War of the Worlds. I was tooo fucking excited...but nervous and scared. I walked a bit more and noticed a panavision camera on a electric dolly. I went around a corner and just leaned up against a wall. Eventually I saw the same Panavision camera and about 10 people around it, they were about 50 feet away from me...not far at all, they were shooting at the opposite direction so no one noticed me. Then I saw Steven Spielberg, my heart stopped beating and I instantly started to sweat. He pointed around my direction and some guy came running over my way...I was scared shitless. He stopped a few feet ahead of me and picked up some little small prop and ran back, I said to the guy "I can get that for you", he ignored me.

So I didn't want to ruin my experience and walk any further so I stayed put as they were setting shit up. They brought out a HUUUUUUUGE fucking crane which had cars attached to them (about 8), they then had about 10 extras with torn up clothing and looking beat the fuck up come out. A good 5 minutes later they were set. Stevens assistant director (I assume), yelled out a few lines and kneeled and said something to Steven (and by the way, Spielbergs universal cart is sweeeet...has a picture of Teddy from A.I. and golden wheels, very cool). Steven said something, then yelled heart skipped a few beats and scared me shitless. They had the cranes moving slowly, and the extras moving fast and then they dropped the cars near the extras...looked VEEEERRRY sweet. Then the sides of the buildings crumbled slowly, I'm sure they'll had in lasers or something in post-production.

A security guard came and stood right next to me. He looked me up and down, I said "My na..." before he cut me off and motioned "be quiet on set" to me. When Spielberg yelled cut, he said "I need to see some I.D.", I gave him my Universal Lot I.D., but the problem has a green line on top, and only people that are allowed on set are ones with Red lines. He was cool, he let me watch for another minute, I asked him if I could watch closer..."no way in hell, I can arrest you for trespassing right now, but you're being quiet and calm so it's fine", he said he has seen most people sneak on set and act a fool. Eventually he said I had to go back to my class and I did. But that made my day, watching my favorite director shoot an action scene was surreal. Very cool...can't wait for next weeks Production Workshop :)

Day 15

9-12 We had our last class for awhile with our acting teacher, he gave us more pointers and tips on how to treat actors during and outside of shooting. From 1-4 we screened our films we shot last weekend and discussed them. Slow day, but the weekend gets rough...


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