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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Week 4

Day 17

Another editing class, our teacher is awesome. Once again we just practiced editing to music, distorting it, etc etc. This is a long process, and can be tedious...

We had a screenwriting class, unfortanetly I can't remember what we learned. I'm updating this journal pretty late, and it happened last week. Sorry, heh...

I edited my production workshop about a grim reaper stalker that I filmed last weekend at the western set. Most of the footage besides one take came out good...

Day 18
Another editing class with music. They gave us a clip of a James Cameron documentary about Titanic, they made us edit that clip to various pieces of music so we can see which fits better, then gave us footage on us dubbing the dialogue to sync with the voices.

Directing class. We were getting prepared for our big 8 week project. 8 week project is a film the students do and is due on the 8th week of there start date. You go and make a film over everything you learned, continuity, mise-en-scene, montages etc, and make one with a convincing/entertaining story that last 7-10 minutes. They give each crew member 3 days to film (instead of half a day like our 1-4 min shorts we've been doing every weekend). We pretty much get about two weeks "off" from class, we have classes sporadically (?) throughout the two weeks, but it's mainly for pre-production, production and post only.

DAY 19
We began editing our music films we did over the weekend. Which is a pain in the ass honestly. It's sooooooo fucking time consuming, everytime I get one of my cuts on beat with my music I'll have to take a 10 minute break...hah. In the four hours we had I got about a minute done of footage...out of 4 minutes...and my one minute still had to be cut smoother. Damn...

We screened our Production workshops that we did at the western set. Talked about what could of been better...and what we did better, etc etc.

More editing of the damn music video. But I got the hang of Final Cut and it went alot smoother, I actually got the whole thing done...and it looked great. 'Dissolves' can be your best friend in editing sometimes :).

Day 20
There was another 9-1 slot for editing, but since I already got my music montage done (and alot of people did also), I just slept in. I got a call from my school around 10 saying they cancelled the producing class for the day, bumma. So this was the first day since I've been in L.A. that I didn't have to go to school, or film anything. I was free of reels and fstops and focus pulling for one sweet day. So what did I do? Nothing really actually, I went and bought tickets to see SAW for next Thursday, the director and actor will be there. I then watched all three Star Wars DVDs. I think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't mind the changed ending to Episode 6, I think it works fine, Vadar isn't a menacing villian anymore, so it's koo that they have him appear as he was when he was a nice boy...heh. I then attempted to watch THX-1138, sticking to my Lucas...but man, I fell asleep around the 40minute mark. Cool concept and plot, but SOMETHING needs to happen, I'll try watching the rest tonight...

DAY 21
Cinematographer class. We messed with Dollies, and we learned how to shoot a fight scene effectively and with continuity, fun times.

We screened our music videos/montage. Everyone in the class did a bang up job, I'm proud of them. This was our last day with our Directing teacher (he's gonna turn into our writing teacher next...weird how they do that).

After class about 13/16 students all decided to get together and rent a cabin by the lake, in a area in California called Big Bear or something. We rented a badass looking 3-room cabin, we all split the price 13 ways, got tons of marijuana (i dont smoke personally, but don't mind if others do), alcohol (I definetly do that!) and just had a blast. We took a swim in the cold fucking lake, the hot tub that was inside our cabin, and just got drunk, playing movie sharades while drunk is the shit. Especially if your around nothing but film students that devote that want to devote there life to film. No one could get my sharade of Labyrinth though, bastards...

This is our first real weekend off, our teachers told us to start screenwriting our 8 week 10 minute film, but other then that we had nothing to film this weekend. So it was nice to relax at the cabin, get drunk...have a ball. Everyone in our class likes each other, we all get along good (which trust me, makes filming much....MUCH easier to do).

Next week I start working on my 8 week film. It's our final film of the non-synch type, meaning telling a story with no dialogue. I'm working on a 10 minute short that takes pieces of Silent Hill 4, mixed in with the beginning of the japanese movie Oldboy. I'm hoping it comes out good, because the last 3 films I did, I just filmed to learn the basics...this one I'm gonna put all my effort in, and since I have 3 days instead of 6 hours to better be good. Cya...


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