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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Merry XMAS...happy new year.

This is my last post until I get back on Sunday the 2nd - 05.

I saw Phantom of the Opera today, which sucked. Very badly, the main lead girl was hot and did a good job though. We were suppose to see Meet The Fockers but realized that over the xmas break, we was gonna see it with our families...and opted for the musical.

Merry XMAS!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

To much time at the theatres...

Friday - Last friday I saw Lemony Snicket with Jim Carrey...good movie, but could of been alot better I thought. Oh well, it was everything I expected...which wasn't that much.

Saturday - I saw The Aviator on saturday. This is absolutely the best movie of the year. Hands down. Everything about this film I loved, I didn't think there would be a movie that would beat my last best film of 2004 (Eternal Sunshine), but this one did it. Great performances all around...and Kate Beckinsale is damn hot as Ava Gardner.

Sunday - Sunday I saw Million Dollar Baby. Once again, an excellent film. Hilary Swank deserves some nominations, and so does Eastwood on the directing side. The boxing matches were intense. At times it felt like a Million Dollar Lifetime film, but I got over it...I love Freemans voice over, he can do a voice over about a guy opening a can of tuna and he'll make it sound intriguing. I got out of the theatre after MDB was over, and then we decided to see The Life Aquatic which started 30 min later. Also a good film, but felt very off at times...I don't know if I like it or not. I think I do like it...not sure, weird huh?

Monday - A Very Long Engagement. Wow!! Holy fucking cinematography. This is the best LOOKING film of the year, not best film...the cinematographer should get some damn kudos. Great stuff. The World War I scenes were also fantastic, it's hard to find fault in this film...especially if you have someone you're involved with :). I definetly need to see this one again, and it goes in my top 5 of the year list. And damn if this movie doesn't have one of the coolest assassins :)

Oh, I saw Patrick Fugit (Almost Famous lead), he was watching very long engagement, with a group of his

I saw 5 films at the theatre in 4 days. I'm god damn crazy...this is my xmas gift (I love movies to fucking much...damnit). Tomorrow we're seeing The Machinist and Meet The Fockers. Yep.

Here is my top 5 of the year so far...

1. The Aviator
2. Eternal Sunshine
3. The Incredibles
4. A Very Long Engagement
5. Kill Bill Volume 2

Now time to get crackin on my zombie-comedy script I'm shooting in 3 weeks *sigh*.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Holy shit...sorry.

Man, I apologize for not updating. I'll try to update more as time goes by. I've made some more shorts, and been part of tons more. At the moment I'm about to start casting for a horror short I want to direct for the school, if that doesn't go to well, then I'm also working on a Bounty Hunter short. It will be our last film for the 1st Semester, and has a maximum of 10 minutes.

I've been learning a shit load of new stuff also, tons more of editing, crafting my directing style...tons on writing. I wish I can keep up and give day to day updates, but it's hard, there has been times when I haven't even been home for a few days at a time, and time when I actually slept at the school because I was up editing...tough time. When they say they squeeze 3yrs into 1...they aren't lying.

I can't wait for xmas break, I'll do a little writing, but mostly I can spend time with my parents and girlfriend...can't wait.

At the moment I'm trying to find a decent webhost so I can start showing off my work, and work of the other students at NYFA. If you do want to see a short film that got someone some excellent deals with major studios, go to and look for a film called "Awake", shot on super 16 color.

Once again I'm gonna try to update more often, but I get so tired sometimes and just forget about it :) . I was on the Ring 2 set, the well they use is crazy huge...and I got to see some 2nd unit work on War of the Worlds again, this time they were doing some shooting with a huge spaceship wing that looked like it was broken. Good times.

Oh yea, me and some students are doing some outside school shooting, a parody of the great TV show 24...but instead of hours, our show takes place within 24 minutes of an hour :D , it's been fun...but damn hard to keep track of everything since it has to be in real time. It's been fun doing that, shooting through the weirdest of things handheld...using floating split screen...hehe.

thx to anyone who has been reading...