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Monday, March 28, 2005

Tidewater Bandits - Day 1: Storyboards & Rehearsals...

Yea, I'm bad. I'm shooting my graduate thesis film on Wednesday (it's Monday), and I haven't even created my storyboards/shot list. Honestly though, I'm not a huge storyboard fan, but rather a huge descriptive shot list fan. I would draw out my storyboards...but then on set not use them, sometimes they are good to go back to though. I do look at my shot list, which gives me an idea on where I wanna go with a certain shot.

Today I'm going to do my storyboard/shot list...and then later on do the very last rehearsals with my actors. Should be fun...

I'm also awaiting for my damn wardrobe to come in the mail, it better get here today, or I'll freak the hell out.

I'm a little nervous, but not as nervous as I think I should be...if that makes sense.

Sony PSP looks like it kicks all types of ass. I want one. Now.

Mini Mac looks like it kicks all types of ass. I want one. Now.

Update: My wardrobe came's sweeeeet! I can't wait to shoot this fuckin thing now :) , my replica guns are suppose to come in tomorrow...damn I'm cutting it really fuckin close *sigh*...


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