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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tidewater Bandits - Day 2: Stressin the hell out...

I'm stressed...I'm *SUPPOSE* to shoot tomorrow. I went to my location today cause supposedly I had a meeting with the owner of the location to look at set dressing props, but NOO ofcourse he wasn't there...some other dude was there. So this dude let me look at the props, and they're cool and whatnot, and I asked him if I could put them in my farm house location..."you gotta talk to derrick" he said -- Derrick wouldn't fuckin be back at the place until god damn 6pm, its 3pm. So I left and got some sepia tone paper to print out my wanted signs, my replica weapons came in. I got other shit, like generator etc etc. So I called Derrik at 6pm and he says he doesn't know who the fuck I am, nor does he know who the fuck Denny , my producer is. This is pissing me the hell off. He tells me to call him tomorrow at god damn 10am, I tell him I'm supposedly shooting...he doesn't know shit about it.


So I called my producer, told him to call Derrick right now and straighten it out, since he talked to Denny the whole time during my pre-production. This was 30 minutes ago, Denny hasn't called me back yet - I'm getting suspicious that Denny hasn't done shit the whole time, and I'm pissed. I don't know what the fuck to do right now...

Update: Okay, everything is fine. My producer talked to Derrik who was in a meeting and didn't have my papers around him. So I'm meeting my crew at 830 to do some set dressing for the...set! ;) , and to get the regular shit knocked out,lighting etc etc...taking out the equipment from the van is tough enough. Oh well...I finally did my shot list/setup list while watchin O Brother Where Art Thou? (in my top 10 know), and realized that I might...MIGHT.......MIGHT (and possibly) get all my interiors done in one day...I mean, holy shit...if I do (and I'll report tomorrow), I'll be the happiest god damn film maker you have ever met. Trust me. Then I can use another day for the exteriors. But so much shit goes wrong during filming so I'm holding my breath on that one.

Gotta go to sleep now, watchin Jay Leno, set alarm for 6:45am. I'm gettin the nerves in my system...hands are shaking...I needa pray, heh.


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