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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Tidewater Bandits - Day 4: 2nd Shoot Day...

Another great day. I love that Canon XL2+Mini 35 p+s teknick.

Once again, everyone was on point. I did alot of coverage and we did a excellent scene of the slave master getting whipped by the slave, funny stuff. My parents came in today, they're gonna be my slaves extras for tomorrows exteriors of the field. O Brother style look I got, I love DP is fan fuckin tastic...

Tomorrow is a HUGE day, Crew call time is 7am-7pm, cast is 10am-6pm. I'm about to watch Sin City at 12am -- get home about 3am...prob fall asleep at 320am and wake up at 6am...crazy shit huh? Tomorrow is my last day though can't wait. :)


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