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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Alrighty roo...

My extras that played slaves (aka , my parents) wen't home this morning. It was cool that they had a chance to come down and play. I convinced my mom to get me a Mac Mini, sweeeeeeeeet!! I can finally edit at home on FCP, I'm gonna get the mac mini with 1.4ghz (which I was told equals up to about 2.4ghz for PC), 80gig Harddrive (I have an external 160gig, so I'll be fine), with the Superdrive to burn DVDs etc etc, it came up to be about $1,200. I'm gonna go get that PSP soon also, after I sell alot of my videogames...

At this moment I'm in the post-production of Tidewater Bandits, I'm about to get crackin on the feature script for it, I'm also in pre-production for a horror film that I'm doing down home in Washington State! Very film friendly. I got this sweet 4 story church to film in...and a rented out theatre.

I watched Sin City three times already, that's right. THREE MOTHER FUCKIN TIMES. Crazy shit, I love that movie though (obviously), I'm gonna watch it a 4th time with some people tomorrow.

Don't have much to say, I don't go back to New York Film Academy until about May, lol...when we shoot our thesis film we don't go to school, everyone gets a whole week to do it. Ohhhh yea!

Courage & Stupidity ( is a pretty clever short film about Steven Spielberg and how he almost lost the directing job he had on Jaws. Pretty funny at times, I ended up buying it.

I'm all about Sin City though, there are a few shorts in the graphic novels that I want to shoot, I'm gonna be reading them today to see if it's possible (lookin for something with maybe one room that I can shoot in a day...), should be fuuunnnn....


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